Water and Flood Awareness (AWR)

General water safety awareness training and basic land-based rescue techniques for emergency responders. This eight hour classroom seminar introduces personnel to the problems associated with swiftwater and flood rescue as well as the procedures to follow in flash flood, large-scale disaster, and seasonal flooding situations. 

Content includes

  • scene assessment & incident size up (of both existing & potential conditions)
  • pre-planning and incident management
  • resource ordering
  • activation procedures for rescue response
  • site control and scene management
  • hazard recognition & mitigation procedures
  • rescuer philosophy and 'absolutes'
  • rescuer safety
  • water and flood dynamics and hazards
  • basic swiftwater swimming and self rescue
  • flood theory
  • personal and team equipment
  • on-scene safety briefing and site control
  • drowning, medical and personal welfare considerations
  • mud, ice and unstable surface considerations
  • communications

In order to accomplish the responsibilities of the awareness level responder, the course also provides students with a conceptual understanding of the principles, applications, and hazards associated with advanced water rescue techniques.

Contact hours

8 hours


Minimum age: 18.

Qualification valid for

3 years